The question of how cities need to be reinvented to enable them to meet aspirations that their inhabitants have will be a major theme at MIPIM held in Cannes from 10 to 13 this March.

‘The Future is Human’ is the central theme of the 2020 event and follows on from 2019 where the focus was upon sustainable responsibility. The stated aim of MIPIM 2020 is “to put city-dwellers at the heart of the conversation by focusing on the societal dimension of sustainable development.”

The conference programme at MIPIM will look at the kind of services and facilities that cities offer their inhabitants in order to make their lives greener, safer, more convenient, connected and inclusive.

MIPIM director Ronan Vaspart said, “By giving a voice to all urban stakeholders, from property professionals and political decision-makers, to urban planners, end-users and more, MIPIM will provide a practical, forward-looking vision of the new challenges that will define tomorrow’s cities. And as well-being at work is one of the expectations of the new generation, this subject will be addressed at MIPIM with a dedicated programme.”

With the UN predicting around 66% of all human beings will be city-dwellers by 2050, housing is clearly a major issue and the shortage of affordable homes is a significant challenge that will be discussed at MIPIM. Topics will include new kinds of housing and intelligent buildings, urban regeneration and the emergence of eco-neighbourhoods, and how they can improve the quality of life for residents.

As part of the programme of events at this year’s MIPIM, a networking event dedicated to young talent in the industry will take place (Wednesday 11th) with the aim of creating a bridge between today’s decision-makers and tomorrow’s.