Mipim 2024: Charting a sustainable and innovative path in real estate

Mipim 2024: Charting a sustainable and innovative path in real estate

Over 20,000 delegates from 90 countries gathered for the 34th edition of Mipim in Cannes last week and the global urban festival continues to bring together investors, political leaders and the real estate community, helping to facilitate relationships and find solutions to the challenges facing the built environment.

This year’s event saw a total of 340 stands and pavilions occupying 19,500 sq m - more space than the previous year - with new delegations from North America, the Middle East, South East Asia and elsewhere.

Mipim continues to attract representatives of the world’s largest institutional investors, such as pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, university endowments, and sovereign wealth funds and shows that there are still a significant number of opportunities amid geopolitical, environmental and socio-economic uncertainty.

Mipim 2024 underscored the importance of sustainable development, with the festival making significant strides towards decarbonization. Commitments to cleaner, greener practices were evident, with the event joining the "Road to Zero Alliance," alongside other organisations, to accelerate impactful environmental actions.

Investment trends at MIPIM 2024 pointed to burgeoning interest in emerging asset classes such as life sciences, renewable energy, and housing, reflecting a collective desire to address the pressing issues of our time. Notable discussions included the proactive approach of investors like Australia’s Aware Super and USA’s Newmark, signaling a robust confidence in the European market’s potential for yielding compelling opportunities.

The event also served as a stage for critical discussions on climate action, with leaders like Finland’s former Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Sophie Haestrop Andersen emphasising the built environment's integral role in the green transition. Their messages resonated with a sense of urgency and a call for innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

In a bid to foster innovation, Mipim 2024 also witnessed the launch of Mipim Challengers initiative, aimed at engaging the next generation of real estate leaders in solving industry challenges. This initiative highlighted the importance of fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas in driving the sector forward.
Wrapping up Mipim 2024, Nicolas Kozubek, Mipim Director said: “This year’s Mipim provided the global real estate industry with a platform to discuss new approaches for addressing the most important challenges facing our cities and society.

“The main message I took from Mipim was one of hope. From the fresh ideas of our future leaders in the Mipim Challengers to the inspirational speech from Sanna Marin, that if we act now it won’t be too late and we will all benefit together in the long run.”