Homes took an average of 16 viewings to sell in 2023

Homes took an average of 16 viewings to sell in 2023

Research focusing on the residential property market has revealed that it took an average of 16 viewings to secure a sale in 2023, which emerged as a year of varied property viewing trends across England and Wales. 

The data, from Quick Move Now, presents an intriguing regional breakdown, highlighting the diversity of the UK market.

The West Midlands was revealed as the region requiring the fewest viewings to secure a sale, at an average of just nine viewings. This contrasts sharply with Greater London, where properties typically underwent 27 viewings, the highest in the study.

England and Wales, combined, reported an average viewing count of 16, alongside a typical market time of 115 days. However, this figure masks significant regional variations. The East of England and Wales both recorded 18 viewings on average, yet the time on the market differed, with Wales at 124 days compared to the East's 106.

The East Midlands and the North West, both with an average of 13 viewings, stood out for their relative market agility, slightly below the national average. The South East and South West, experiencing 17 and 20 viewings respectively, also indicated more extended market durations, aligning with broader regional trends.

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now's managing director, noted that the figure has remained largely consistent over recent years, and said: "In 2022 it took an average of 17 viewings to sell a property. In the two preceding years, the figure remained static at 18 viewings. 2019's pre-pandemic levels were just slightly lower with an average of 17 viewings to sell a property."