Coyote Software launches Coyote PLUS

Coyote Software launches Coyote PLUS

Coyote Software, the cloud-based CRM system for buying and managing commercial real estate assets, has launched Coyote PLUS, a new managed data logging service for commercial real estate (CRE) teams.

Coyote PLUS is a new subscription service for Coyote Software clients enabling acquisition and asset management teams to confidentially forward on their introductions, asset and deal information to a dedicated data management team to input on their behalf, freeing up time and resources for CRE companies whilst actively building their own proprietary database of comparables.

The UK-based Coyote PLUS team of data management specialists log all investment opportunities accurately and quickly, carrying out a quality check before uploading the data to the client’s unique platform. The transactional and tenancy information, including introductions, marketing material, images and maps, is then available within 24 hours, allowing investment teams to build an invaluable and unique database of all available, comparable market intelligence with minimal effort.

By building a database of investment and leasing comparables using data from potential deal opportunities, investment teams can use highly relevant investment and leasing comparables to underwrite bids faster. Asset management teams can use recent leasing comparables to set more accurate ERVs and leverage local occupier intelligence when negotiating lettings, setting business plan assumptions and providing additional evidence to valuers. 

Oli Farago, Co-Founder and CEO of Coyote Software, says: “On average, investment teams transact on less than 5% of the introductions they receive, meaning that valuable data is lost on more than 95% of introductions that aren’t fully logged. There’s a wealth of information that is often deleted or ignored, and subsequently not factored into current and future deals. So, we’ve kept it as simple as possible for our clients - they send us the information, and we upload it. Meaning they can make faster investment and asset management decisions, with greater confidence.”

Coyote has been trialling Coyote PLUS with several key clients over the last four months, all of which have seen real value in using the subscription service, including Mark Kelly, Head of Asset Management at Argo Real Estate, who says: “Our team is logging over five times the intros we were before, and we are saving a huge amount of resource. Our team members can now focus more on research and analysis to support our partners and investors, with all the relevant transactional information now readily at hand.”

Oli concludes: “By working and collaborating closely with our customers it became clear that Coyote PLUS offered the ability to increase efficiencies for our customers, allowing investment and asset management teams to focus on the most important aspects of their job – acquisitions, disposals and overall portfolio management.”